These knives are made from natural materials through classical methods and techniques.
The blades are of high quality Damascus or stainless steel (HRC 53-56 tons.). Metal engraving on the blades can be shallow (1 level), or embossed, and may include complete or partial gilding (24k.)
The handles are ergonomic and extremely comfortable. They are made primarily of walnut, pear, and buxus wood. The ornamentation on them includes floral designs and inlays of brass, silver, gold, and others. In more complex models hunting scenes (terrain type), 3-dimensional carved animals and fantastic creatures are added. They are polished with fine Indian Shellak. Depending on the wishes of the client, the knives can come equipped with handmade knife cases (called kanii in Bulgarian, and come from high quality cattlehide) or carved walnut luxury stands or boxes.